An Elegant Micro Wedding in Joshua Tree

You have probably seen many Boho Chic weddings in the desert.  You know, the 70’s vibe men’s suits, big hats and white leather booties, feather earrings with bohemian-inspired dresses, and the list goes on.  But what if that’s not your style yet the outdoors is something you and your partner want to incorporate into your wedding theme? How do you do it in an elegant and timeless way?

Toby and Brenda knew they wanted their wedding to be a little untraditional yet timeless.  Intimate yet grand.  Elegant but inviting and with an organic flow.  Though they wanted their wedding to feel elegant and timeless, a grand ballroom with chandeliers or a perfectly manicured winery was not their style.  By carefully selecting florals, colors, and an elegant picnic-style lunch, Toby and Brenda’s guests enjoyed the beauty of Joshua Tree with style, grace, and sophistication. 

From the Bride:  We wanted beauty, grandeur, and elegance but in a way that reflects our personalities and sense of adventure. We wanted a beautiful place with an epic landscape where our closest friends and family could gather and unplug so we could all be fully present for this celebration.  One weekend, we found ourselves in Joshua Tree National Park and we decided that was where we would get married.  After communicating our location choice to our wedding planner Susan Dunne, of Weddings by Susan Dunne, and explaining we wanted a classic, old-world elegance in what some would consider an unconventional setting, she got to work.  

She created a gorgeous mood board that just a few weeks later was brought to life on our wedding day.  Everything from the design elements, to the colors, to the blooms on my bouquet, blended so seamlessly into the Joshua Tree landscape while still graceful and refined.  In addition, all the details Susan thought to include made all our guests feel appreciated and loved.  

We were able to enjoy our day and not worry about anything as all the vendors Susan recommended were wonderful to work with and very professional.  When I look back at our pictures, I can still remember how beautiful everything looked, how I felt to be marrying my favorite person in the world, the love and support from our friends and family, and how grand yet intimate the celebration was. 

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