Mentorship Program

We are offering mentorship opportunities for those who are looking to start their event planning business or are in need of guidance from a seasoned event planner. The mentorship program is designed to help you set a foundation for your business and help you set SMART goals for your business. We will guide you in an editorial shoot design for your business, access to 2 of our templates, and so much more. Limited availability for the year. ( *Are add on’s) 

  • 3 Two hours coaching sessions
  • Choice of 2 templates
  • Assist you in setting your SMART goals
  • Help you understand your Profit and Loss
  • Help you understand how to price your services based on your Profit and Loss
  • Assist you in creating a planning journey for your clients
  • Assist you in planning one editorial
  • *Attend and coach you during your editorial  
  • *Coach you on your client process for 1 client WM, PL, FP
  • *Shadow you on 1 event and provide Feedback 



Workflow Templates Available for purchase. Please email [email protected] to purchase templates. Template starting at 50. No refunds after purchase. 

  • Design Template*
  • Structure on how to Price based on P+L
  • Email Templates*
  • Budget Creation Template
  • Wedding Day Timeline Template
  • Vendor Comparison Template
  • How to Run a Rehearsal
  • Floral Needs Template
  • Client Inventory Template
  • Gratuity Guideline Template
  • Wedding Planning Checklist Template
  • Full Wedding Planning Checklist Template
  • Partial Wedding Planning Checklist Template
  • Wedding Management Planning Checklist Template