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Have you ever dreamed of a wedding on a beautiful estate in Tuscany?!?!?!? For too long, many brides and grooms to-be have had difficulty considering a wedding away from home, mostly out of fear of rising costs and difficulty managing an event that seems a half a world away. But nowadays, with the help of wedding planners and our vast pool resources, destination weddings are becoming more and more popular. Perhaps you have never considered having a destination wedding, but after I introduce you to Il Palagio, you will be saving every penny to rent out this enchanted villa.

This past week, Trudie Styler was kind enough to invite me into her home to discuss their Tuscan gem. She and her husband, Sting, create their own lines of honey, wine and olive oil on site, which she was gracious enough to share samples of with me.  All delicious I might add, but back to the estate.


Here is a little history on the venue; Il Palagio is a beautiful Tuscan estate purchased by Trudie and Sting 18 years ago. They restored and updated the villa to its original state. Il Palagio has been the summer retreat for their family and friends for more than 15 years. The home has been used for many of their family occasions including renewal of vows, anniversaries and private concerts. Now Trudie and Sting want to share their estate with YOU on YOUR wedding day.



The property has four guesthouses, swimming pools, lakes, gardens, vineyards, olive groves, tennis courts and much more, spanning 900 acres overlooking the hills of Tuscany.


Based on my discussions with Trudie, the presentation of the estate, online pictures and reviews from Architectural Guide, I have the utmost confidence that Il Palagio would be a great location for any couple looking to create a magical wedding! I am looking forward to visiting the Villa this summer.


Would you like to have your dream day on a warm inviting vineyard where time is non-existent and you can enjoy farm to table food, wine, honey, bread and olive oil while you and your loved ones create a lifetime of memories? Il Palagio offers the best of the best from picturesque views to charming accommodations to award winning food.

With the help of Weddings by Susan Dunne, this Tuscan fantasy can be a reality.


With love,

Susan Dunne

You will be able to find for information about this gorgeous villa by visiting;  Palacio Products

If you get the urge to explore Tuscany’s gorgeous light and beautiful panoramas, take a drive or a bike ride down the road from Florence to Fiesole, where age-old farms with fine architecture keep watch over this land where the living is easy. And there’s surely a wine cellar waiting there for you to sample one of the famous Tuscan wines while munching on a bruschetta drizzled with olive oil.” – Tested and Michelin recommended.

Photography Credit: Georgette Jupe




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