Where Does My Wedding Inspiration Come From?

If you look around, observe and pay attention for just a moment, you will see inspiration comes from anything that makes your soul happy.  I often find inspiration in nature, art, a surprising color palette on a window display, architecture, and fashion.  

On one particular afternoon, my clients asked for a way to incorporate the colors pink, purple, blue, and yellow.  Unsure of how to bring those colors harmoniously, my mind wandered back to one painting:  Claude Monet’s Pourville at Sunset housed in the Monet Museum in Paris.  We’ll save my affinity for anything Parisian for a different post.

Using Monet’s painting as inspiration, I got to work on a color palette:  light pink that captures the sunset sky, purple from the cliffs, a dusty blue from the shoreline, and a pale yellow from the sun being reflected on the water.  My design approach for this wedding was to infuse these colors throughout the wedding events to submerge the guests in a colorful and fun experience. 

During the ceremony, the couple wed in front of a dramatic arch and ground florals that embraced all the aforementioned colors.  At cocktail hour, we playfully incorporated hues of purple by using a purple Boba escort wall and a lavender lounge area.  The reception was classic Parisian dining at its best with dusty blue linens and arrangements that seemed to come straight out of Luxemburg Gardens!  The arrangement by Mulberry and Moss featured warm blush, peach, yellows and purple flowers paired with green fruits to contrast the dusty blue on the tables.  The china the we selected was a lovely blush color which complimented the menu printed on lavender linen well.  To tie it all together, we selected gold flatware that added just the right amount of sophistication.  My favorite part of it all?  The bar design which included unique watercolor art created just for the couple.  We worked with Danielle from Paper Cliche to create unique watercolor artwork inspired by Monet to tie in all the colors of this unique event.  As I looked around at how perfectly everything came together, all I could think about was how I can’t wait for the next time I get a chance to visit Paris!  

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