Personalize Your Wedding

How to Put a Truly Personal Touch on Your Wedding

A wedding is a beloved tradition that’s been passed down through generations. The fundamental idea might be the same at all of them – two people committing to a life together – but that doesn’t mean they all have to be the same. Here’s how to customize your wedding so it really feels like an expression of you and your partner.

Let Your Personality Shine

Small details – and being creative in those choices – will enhance the day so much. “I tell clients that we want to create an event that truly represents them,” wedding planner Susan Dunne says, “not an event where people will be like ‘who is this?’” One of the couples she worked with loved camping so much that they did a s’mores and churros dessert station. They also chose a venue that had a Ferris wheel to incorporate that sense of adventure.

One couple loved traveling so much that they had people sign a “guest map” instead of a guest book; another did the same with a snowboard because winter sports was their passion. Incorporating your profession also goes a long way. Susan has seen artistic brides hand-spin ceramic vases as centerpieces that guests were able to take home at the end of the night.


Include Your Furry Friends In Creative Ways

You’ve seen pets incorporated into weddings, but have you seen people drink to their health? One couple Susan worked with loved their fur babies so much that they named the wedding’s signature cocktails after them.

Think Outside of the Black and White Box

More and more, couples are getting creative with their clothing choices, rather than strictly wearing white wedding gowns and black tuxedos. One of Susan’s clients loved purple so much, she says, “her entire wedding was black and purple, including her dress and hair.” Another bride did the same with gold, even wearing a gold and white gown.


Remember Those You Wish Were There

There are so many ways to add little details about the people you love who can’t be at your wedding, too. One bride chose to use her mother’s favorite flowers as a way to remember her, and another had the flower girl throw feathers rather than petals as a way to acknowledge a sibling who had passed away. The feathers represented the idea of the sibling as a guardian angel watching over the day. “One client,” Susan says, “hired a painter to have her mother painted into one of the wedding pictures.”

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