Calamigos Ranch Boho Chic Wedding

Matt Sarto & Rebecca Rothman Calamigos Ranch Boho Chic Wedding 

Matt Sarto and Rebecca Rothman planned their wedding at Calamigos Ranch in Malibu, California with the help of wedding planner Susan Dunne. Here’s a conversation with the Rebecca and Susan about how the three worked together to create the wedding of the couple’s dreams.

How did you decide to work together?

Rebecca: We instantly clicked. I felt like Susan understood me and my vision. You definitely told me when I was going overboard, and you helped me keep everything classy and elegant – making my ideas come alive, and then some!

Susan: We had a lot in common, sharing the same goals. Our conversation just organically happened, and we appreciated the same details in a wedding.

What were the biggest priorities in planning the wedding?

Rebecca: Flowers and decor, for sure. I was very set on every little detail, like little touches in the flowers, the chuppah and the “living room” furniture!

Susan: I was focused on being able to pair Rebecca and Matt with the right florist and rental company. My job is like a matchmaker: to pair up clients with vendors I think will enhance their overall look. Sure, we have our preferred vendors, but at the end of the day what matters most is ensuring we’re pairing the client with the best of the best.

What was non-negotiable?

Rebecca: Flowers, definitely. I knew I wanted flowers everywhere, with no skimping, and how I wanted every little detail to look.

Susan: Delivering a timeless, sophisticated and extraordinarily beautiful wedding – which we nailed!

Let’s talk about why you chose Calamigos Ranch.

Rebecca: Calamigos was the first location we looked at, and we loved it. The waterfall at the ceremony site is what sold us. The twinkling chandeliers, the vast greenery… it was all so amazing, and it felt like a dream spot.

Let’s talk about the first look.

Rebecca: Susan told us we should do it! I didn’t want to go all day without seeing Matt, and we wanted to have that special alone time seeing each other and not having the first time be in front of 100 people.

Susan: A first look is a special, romantic and intimate moment between the bride and groom. It’s a time when they can feel each others’ support and know they can make it down the aisle together.

Why do you feel this wedding was so successful?

Rebecca: Because I trusted my planner. I knew we were in good hands, so I was able to trust that Susan was taking care of everything. I also knew that on the day-of I couldn’t worry about every little thing – and if something went wrong, she would take care of it and I wouldn’t notice!

What advice would you give a bride?

Rebecca: Enjoy the planning process, and every single second of the day of your wedding. Before you know it, you’re celebrating your first anniversary – like we did last month!

Susan: Invest in a wedding planner and trust her to guide you every step of the way. She’ll help you not only avoid costly mistakes but will ensure you’re paired with the right vendors to deliver your design. Understand the investment – it will save you time, stress and costly mistakes. With a wedding planner, you’ll be free to celebrate, and to enjoy your wedding – it will go by so quickly!



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